Operative Armour®Suture Needle Management System

Operative Armour®Suture Needle Management System

The Future of Suture Needle Management

Operative Armour® Benefits

  • Eliminates Passage & Handling of Exposed Needles
  • Eliminates Multi-Tasking Distractions During Counts
  • Surgeon/Clinician Control Pace of Closure
  • Improves OR Workflow and Labor Efficiency

Operative Armour® was Voted Innovative Technology by the Vizient members Evaluation Committee


Two latent safety hazards still exist in every OR today: Needlestick Injury and Retained Foreign Objects. See why Operative Armour® is the most effective means to reduce the potential for these situations to occur.

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Surgeon reliance on scrub tech assistance for suture needle exchange is inherently inefficient and can lead to frustration that affects the entire team. See how Operative Armour® can optimize the closure workflow and maximize labor efficiency.

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Certain procedures present increased potential for needlestick injury and/or workflowchallenges. See the benefits that Operative Armour® provides for specific procedures.

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