Surgeon frustration during long open incision pop-off closures inspired the Operative Armour® System. These cases present different types of challenges and issues that can be resolved or minimized with clinician autonomy:

    • Waiting for needles while scrub tech performs counts
    • Incorrect counts due to multi-tasking distraction
    • Dropped needles after clinician relinquishes control of needle driver
    • Competency variance between scrub techs
    • Insufficient scrub tech labor
    • Compromised scrub tech assistance during closure
    • Over-the-shoulder needle exchanges
    • Disruption due to scrub tech change during closure
    • Multiple surgeon closures – safety and speed
    • Needlestick hazard with high-risk patient population

Candidate procedures where the Operative Armour® System provides a significant workflow improvement:

    • Spine – scoliosis, deformities, fusions, and laminectomies
    • Plastics – all flaps procedures, reconstructions, panniculectomies/abdominoplasties
    • Colorectal – all laparotomies, lower anterior colon resections, open colectomies
    • URO/GYN – all laparotomies, abdominal cystectomies, hysterectomies, myomectomies, Caesarians (where pop-off are used)
    • ENT/CMF – free flaps procedures, thyroidectomies
    • Orthopedics – hip revisions, oncologic limb-sparing, pelvic trauma
    • Other – Pediatrics, breast reconstruction, CABG vein graft harvesting, organ transplant harvest, amputations, middle of the night surgery, short-handed surgeries
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