The Operative Armour System enables the surgeon to self-dispense, and then safely self-secure all open surgery wound closure suture needles. The patented Needle Trap is the first standardized means to render both tips of suture needles innocuous for subsequent handling and offers significant safety and workflow efficiency improvements while maintaining compliance to AORN guidelines.

    • By enabling the surgeon to self-dispense and self-secure suture needles, passing of individual needles can be eliminated, along with the potential for an accidental contaminated needle stick after needles are secured
    • Control over the pace of the closure process is entirely in the surgeon’s hands
    • Maintaining surgeon control of the needle driver through securement reduces the potential for dropped needles
    • By liberating the scrub tech’s attention from the closure process, sponge counts can be performed without distraction
    • More efficient use of labor enables initiation of OR turnover during the closure process, and reduction of costly overtime
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