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The Sharp Fluidics Operative Armour™ Suture Needle Management System centers on disposable, single-use Needle Traps (Traps) that secure and cover both tips of each contaminated needle.

The Traps, attached to off-the-shelf suture packs, enable the surgeon to self-dispense new needles from suture packs and then self-secure those needles in the Trap after completing a stitch without diverting his or her attention from the near surgical field.

The Needle Trap may be attached to a Running Suture Station mounted adjacent to the incision. It can be wrist-mounted, can be removably attached to a small hand-held “Mini-Mount” shield, or can be removably attached to a puncture resistant Barrier that is worn by the surgeon on the non-dominant forearm. Two sizes of Needle Traps have been developed to accommodate the full range of commonly used suture needles.