Sharp Fluidics® launches NeoClose® AnchorGuard: designed to safely close Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery port sites without insufflation
Contact: Tom Keegan
Sharp Fluidics, LLC

NeoClose® AnchorGuard

San Francisco Bay Area, CA– Sharp Fluidics LLC announced the launch of the NeoClose® AnchorGuard following acquisition of NeoClose this past March. NeoClose AnchorGuard is used with the NeoClose anchor technology to enable clinicians to close laparoscopic and robotic port sites without insufflation. This is the first port site technology that can be used with any brand trocar that meets the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) recommended guidelines for safe closure of laparoscopic and robotic port sites.

“Sharp Fluidics continues to innovate to make closure safer and faster for clinicians”, said Douglas Rimer, President of Sharp Fluidics. “We look forward to bringing this technology to hospitals across the country to help reduce COVID-19 exposure in the Operating Room.”

“With the introduction of NeoClose AnchorGuard, clinicians now have a safer alternative for fascial closure to reduce aerosolized viruses”, said Shawn Tsuda, M.D., past Chair of the SAGES Technology and Value Assessment Committee and current member of the SAGES COVID-19 Response Team. “We have been using NeoClose for the past few years and the addition of NeoClose AnchorGuard enables us to continue to provide our patients a complete port site closure while adhering to the SAGES recommended guidelines.”

NeoClose brings a simple, intuitive, and reliable solution to assist the surgeon in closing port site defects following laparoscopic and robotic abdominal surgery. By utilizing bio-absorbable anchors with a pre-attached suture, NeoClose is changing the standard of care in port site closure. NeoClose is faster, safer, and provides less port site pain than the standard practice of closing port sites.

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